• Amber Nichols

    Amber Nichols

    Mary Kay has impacted my life in every area. I have found a safe place to discover myself and to grow into the woman that God has designed me to be. I think the biggest affect that I have noticed is the blessing that this business has had on my children. Since this business has allowed me to stay at home with them since they were born as well as provide financially it has given me the freedom to raise them putting our spiritual and family values first. I see their confidence, leaderships skills, and love for others shining through as they approach their pre-teen and teen years. I am so grateful to have had this time with them and I look forward to the years ahead.
  • Cat Taylor

    Cat Taylor

    I feel so alive when I’m working my business! Mary Kay allows me to design my life the way I want to live and keep my priorities in order while growing into the person I am meant to be! I LOVE that the MK business model is so straightforward and by trusting the process and finding joy in the journey, I can continue to grow my business as long as I am willing to work. The increase in flexibility and financial opportunity is what keeps me going during the tough times and I know that success follows consistency. Mary Kay has also positively affected how I live my life; I have become more intentional, spiritual, patient and empathetic. I pray that everyone finds what they need in Mary Kay because it is there, you have to be bold enough to leap and walk in faith!
  • Elizabeth Holmes

    Elizabeth Holmes

    As a mom of 4 boys, I see a lot of examples in this world, showing them it’s ok to quit when things get hard. They will NOT learn that from me!
  • LaTisha Cronin

    LaTisha Cronin

    I have found my relationship with Christ; learned to receive and give love unconditionally; and found my identity through the vehicle of my Mary Kay Journey.
  • Jennifer Howard

    Jennifer Howard

    There are so many things I could say on how Mary Kay has impacted me. One of the most important things is that it has definitely changed my thinking. Before Mary Kay, I look at the cup as being half-empty most times, and I saw my dreams as impossible challenges. Through the help of some very valuable MK mentors and my MK sisters, I see things in a completely different way. I am far more positive about everything (not just my business). Also, I used to be the quiet follower person. The type that was terrified to speak in a room full of peers. I would work for others and watch them achieve their dreams. Now, I am much more self-confident and more of a leader. I also speak a lot at my weekly Mary Kay meetings, and I have spoken twice at our annual MG Walk (in front of A LOT of people at Waterfront Park in Louisvile). Speaking of which, my MK parties have also helped me spread awareness for one of three autoimmune diseases that I have, Myasthenia Gravis! I have to say that I did a pretty good job! I do still have setbacks, negative thoughts and doubt that sneaks in from time to time. However, I now how to effectively deal with such challenges thanks to my mentors in this fabulous company! I cannot wait to be a director to help empower and build the self-confidence of as many women as possible! The most important benefit from my increased positivity and self-confidence is that I am a better wife and mother!! The last two things I mentioned are definitely my “whys” in Mary Kay!! đź’— I do want to also take a moment to express appreciation for all of the friendships that I have developed via my Mary Kay business! I never thought about friends when I started my business for a little extra money and 50% off product. These women are truly amazing!!! They are so positive and supportive! No one is trying to “one up” anyone else, and they cheer you on towards all of your goals and dreams! These ladies are now some of my very best friends! đź’—
  • Kristin Erickson

    Kristin Erickson

    Each time I look at this request, I put it away because Mary Kay has made a larger than life impact on my life as well as my family and friends AND anyone who should come into my life forever more. To put into words how this phenomenal company has touched my life seems impossible. But as not to risk missing my opportunity to share my love and sincere appreciation for being part of something far bigger than anything I could have ever imagined, I’m a “find a way, make a way” kinda girl, so here it goes… I pretty much recruited myself because I wanted what I saw between Tina & Leah…I missed being part of a sisterhood. After doing what Tina taught, coached and did, I found myself debuting as a Director a year later. After being a SAHM for 15+ years, I was loving the challenges, the recognition, the education, being surrounded by amazing women of Faith and truly being so proud to represent an organization that does so much good in the world! And when you are a Director in this National Area, you are constantly surrounded by the best of the best of women who truly love you and want you to grow into your best self…the YOU God has intended! Even though I know better, the proverbial Pink Bubble still seems too good to be true!! Not long after becoming a director, my brilliant scientist husband of 20+ years was diagnosed with an incurable brain / nervous system disorder that was only promised to quickly deteriorate. My future with the love of my life, best friend, father of my babies and soul mate was now on borrowed time. So, instead of drawing on skills and strengths I had been lovingly taught, I panicked and slumped into a year of scarcity mentality. Instead of holding onto what was most stable in my life (MK), I ran away from everything I had worked so hard for and hauled up at home thinking somehow by my being with my husband for every second, I could control the situation. Lol (Have you ever tried to grab running water? ) After a really dramatic pity party and reaching depths of despair I didn’t know were possible, those MK lessons of strength, determination, creativity and becoming really acquainted with that darn emotional cycle, I remembered who God designed me to be!! I remembered His promises to me and I somehow remembered that I can do hard things! I ran us through Rick’s healthcare gauntlet like it was an extended version of DIQ…follow up, consistency and out of the box thinking were second nature to me and easily transferred to this new life plan. This version of DIQ will not end with the euphoric feeling of finishing and hearing those powerful words of the Directors Oath, but will be a powerful part of my legacy. My children will see what true love, dedication and marriage is supposed to be. Knowing that we don’t have control over our lives, but we do have control over how we react to what comes our way and that we are like the 5 people we spend the most time with are crucial elements to healthy living not just in our MK businesses. And ultimately Mary Kay’s motto of GOD FIRST, FAMILY SECOND & CAREER THIRD is what everything truly boils down to. When we live our lives in this order, everything really does run so much smoother. Even though MK is third on that list, our National Area epitomizes our motto! We are lead by women that are “all in” and continually are learning and growing themselves to be the best versions of who God has intended them to be as well!! I used to wonder WHY our Navy family was being sent to Ohio, a place with no ocean, but after seeing what we have been through in the last 5 years, I know I wouldn’t have made it through without my MK sisters, teachings and growth in my faith! Are you wondering how I found my way back to the “Pink Bubble”?? Last year when our beloved Barbara Johnson suddenly passed away, I was hit with a dose of reality. Anyone’s life can be changed in an instant!! Her memorial service was my first MK “event” in 2 years and I was greeted like no time had passed and no judgement was ever shown my way…only love and concern and inclusion back into the warmest sisterhood on this planet! That night Tina and I shared a “glance” that was worth a thousand words and I wanted to come back! That night at dinner, Heather Erbe asked me some very pointed questions in front of everyone and I knew …”I was back!” I’m not a Director…yet, but I know I’ll get there again soon. This time I have sustainable skills that I always had, I am just better at using them now. I do believe I needed that time of falling away because that is where so much of my growth happened. Sometimes you can’t really appreciate something until you’ve had a taste of it and then it’s gone. I know the power of being in MK. I whole heartedly believe that this is a ministry and I am meant to help women remember who they are and who they are in God. You are never too old to have dreams and achieve them! And your plan “B” can turn into plan “A” and you can be a SAHM for 15+ years that turns into a strong brave woman that CAN hold up her family mentally, spiritually and financially!!
  • Nicole Staudt

    Nicole Staudt

    Before starting my Mary Kay business, I was a shy 3rd grade school teacher, who lacked a lot of self-confidence and self esteem. I was negative and usually down on myself. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and sometimes I wondered if it was okay to be me. Growing up, I knew I had always wanted to be a teacher—ever since I was seven. Others told me that teaching is an admirable and respectful job, but I would never be financially sound. I could forget my dreams of traveling the world because I’d never make enough money to do so—unless I “married rich.” When my younger sister decided she wanted to become a doctor, she would constantly remind me how she would be the “rich doctor” and I would be the “poor teacher”. These words began to label and define me, and I wasn’t sure if there was any way to break down these barriers and create my own life and live my dreams that were so deep in my heart. Five years ago, an opportunity came my way, one that, at the time, I didn’t grasp the full spectrum of what was possible for me and what it’d mean for my life. For two years, I was too shy or too busy to put much thought and effort into my business. I knew I wanted to earn a car to save money to travel the world, but I didn’t want to put the effort into my business. I am glad I finally got my act together three years ago and began slowly stepping outside my comfort zone and meeting new people. That first year of really plugging into training and working my business allowed for so much personal growth. I was transforming into a whole new person, and that growth journey has continued to evolve. That first year gave me so much more confidence and self-esteem, and I had the courage to walk away from a job I did not like and move to a brand new state and city: Los Angeles, CA. It’s difficult to really describe in words what my Mary Kay business has done for my life. This business has forced me outside my comfort zone many times, I’ve grown in so many ways, and when I moved to LA, I had to start over with my business and build a brand new customer base. My confidence has skyrocketed, and I know I am a vastly different woman now than I was five years ago when I began my business. Ever since I made the decision to stop pleasing other people and living out their dreams for me, and instead, began pursuing my dreams, I have become a much happier person! I now have the freedom and flexibility to make choices and live MY life. I am building this business for my future, and I feel like I am finally living life to its fullest! I have never been so excited about life until now–knowing I am building the life of my dreams!