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Julia's NSD Debut at Seminar '12

mkShoeA dream come true!  Watch as we debut the Burnett National Area on July 19th, 2012, in front of an audience of 10,000 at the Mary Kay Pearl Seminar. This is a moment that I will always cherish and will never forget - thank you for joining me in sharing the joy and excitement of this goal that we all reached together.

Latest News!!!

Seminar Banquet: July 12th in Lexington: register now!

Please nominate your favorite people for the following awards: Area Go-Give, Man of the Year and Supporter of the Year.  Nominations due July 7th.

Pearl Seminar is July 27-30 in Dallas, TX!

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Julia's Speech - Career Conference '12


"Burn the boats, there's no going back."

Click below to hear Julia's inpired speech from Career Conference 2012 in Covington, KY.



All New Timewise Repair!


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Mission Statement

Julia's Business Mission
To run my business in a way that Mary Kay Ash would be proud-embodying the Golden Rule & the Go Give Spirit. To share the life I love with women all around me so they too can have the opportunity to create through their hard work, a more balanced, rich life for their family. To return the generational blessing that has been given to me: to breathe belief into a woman's spirit and to build her self-esteem & self confidence. To break cycles for women and children.

Julia's Personal Mission
To be a wholly devoted spiritual being, who is richly connected to the Creator of the Universe. To be a wife who fervently, passionately & selflessly loves her husband as Christ loved the church. To return the motherhood that was given to me. To fulfill God's purpose for my life by living out His grace extended to me in love & asking the Holy Spirit to dwell inside me daily. To realize it's not about me. To share the wealth of God's Blessings on my family with those in need.

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Charm Bracelet Promo


DIQ path to top unit charm promotion.  Click HERE for the flyer.