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Aleta Blakley


Kaci Church


Tayler Collier


LeAnna Funk

LeAnna Funk 

Heather Gibson

Heather Gibson 


Keisha Hicks  


Elizabeth Holmes

Successful acting and performance career; and work from home Mom of 4 boys. 

I get to be a strong example for my boys of what determination looks like. They’ve seen me work hard, set goals, miss goals, and get back up. Unfortunately not many people do that in today’s world!


Jennifer Howard

Before Mary Kay, I was … (or in addition to MK) … When I first entered Mary Kay I was a Health Education/Health Promotion Instructor at Morehead State University. I have also been a Program Specialist at Save the Children and now a stay-at-home mommy along my MK journey. 


What I love about MK … (1) The chance to empower others. (2) The opportunity to do something I am truly passionate about and love all why getting to stay at home with my child. 


Christina King

Before Mary Kay I was a Montessori Teacher

I love Mary Kay for the daily choice of putting my Faith first, family second and career third. The girlfriends are pretty spectacular too!

Megan Lawrence

Megan Lawrence  

Dawn Mallery

Dawn Mallery  

Sydney Overcast

Sydney Overcast



Jenna Roberts  

Donna Slone-Crumbie

Donna Slone-Crumbie


Dana Sone

Before Mary Kay I had been a stay at home mom for 15 years. Before going back into the workforce as a Registered Dietitian.

What I love about Mary Kay is the positive environment, unlimited earning potential, flexibility, personal growth, but mostly being my own boss:)


Loganne Stone  

taylor vanwinkle

Taylor Van Winkle   


Rachel Webster 


Leeann Willis

The Lord opened the door to Mary Kay when I was a brand new mama and the Ministry Coordinator working to use the platform of camp ministry to reach youth with the Gospel and train college students for a life time of ministry!

I could write a book… The Lord has used Mary Kay to grow me more in this past year (since starting last September) than I’ve allowed Him to in a long time.  He did this in several ways but the main ways are the people and the mission of Mary Kay.  Mary Kay Ash’s vision was to create a place where women can work without sacrificing their values and encourage each other to success.  This is exactly what I found.  From the start, I’ve been surrounded by women who speak belief into me and point me to the Lord as my source of strength and life.  I have never been in the presence of so many women whose walk with the Lord I desire to imitate.  After seeing the amazing platform that MK provides for women to have a ministry and an income, along with the personal growth, I knew that this is where the Lord called me to be.