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Tayler Collier



Kristin Erickson

When MK found me, I had been a SAHM for 15 years, the Navy had just moved our family to Ohio, (the 6th State we had lived in!) and we just adopted our daughter from China who had many orthopedic surgeries in her future!  All those crazy factors almost made me overlook those two gorgeous girls (with perfect makeup and matching jewelry) in my BSF group (Tina Frantz & Leah


Words are insufficient to sum up WHY I LOVE MK! You could say it’s a great opportunity to use my Communications degree with all of the chances we have to work with other women and share a world class product,  or the freedom and flexibility is perfect for our family’s new way of life adjusting to my husband’s unexpected medical retirement from the military, or the opportunity to be able to make a full time income with part time hours is a no brainer, or  getting to publically take God as my business partner and share the dreams He has put on my heart and encourage others to do the same, but many days it truly is so great that I get to escape the stressors of my life and hang out with really amazing women and play makeup! Lol J


Amy Geers

Before Mary Kay, I was … (or in addition to MK) … I worked in Corporate America

What I love about MK … The freedom to be myself and teach other women they, too, can live out their dream. And, the flexibility to work when and where I want. 



Elizabeth Holmes

Successful acting and performance career; and work from home Mom of 4 boys. 

I get to be a strong example for my boys of what determination looks like. They’ve seen me work hard, set goals, miss goals, and get back up. Unfortunately not many people do that in today’s world!


Jennifer Howard

Before Mary Kay, I was … (or in addition to MK) … When I first entered Mary Kay I was a Health Education/Health Promotion Instructor at Morehead State University. I have also been a Program Specialist at Save the Children and now a stay-at-home mommy along my MK journey. 


What I love about MK … (1) The chance to empower others. (2) The opportunity to do something I am truly passionate about and love all why getting to stay at home with my child. 


Christina King

Before Mary Kay I was a Montessori Teacher

I love Mary Kay for the daily choice of putting my Faith first, family second and career third. The girlfriends are pretty spectacular too!


Melissa Linton

Before Mary Kay I was Head Gymnastics Coach and Preschool Teacher

I love Mary Kay for the women I get to meet and do ‘life’ with. I love being surrounded by BIG thinkers and women who want something more in their life! There is no other opportunity out there like this, and I am just so thankful that God led my path to Mary Kay.



Kelly Milisic

Before I found Mary Kay, I was a Stay at Home at Mom volunteering in our Son’s pre-school and I had just started working in the Macy’s Jewlrly Department for some extra cash for the Christmas Holidays as I had previously been laid off from working as a Counselor for 13 years.

What I love most about Mary Kay is that it has given me the ability for me to become myself again with the start of getting out of my house every Thursday for our Ladies Success Nights.   I have been able to find my passion all over again as I did previously as a Counselor where I love what I do and it doesn’t feel like a job.  However this time I am able to work my own hours while I am able to volunteer in both our children’s schools weekly and drive them to and from school, etc.   And through that I have gained an amazing mentor, friendships, who have guided me along the way.   As I move forward, I love even more watching ladies on my team/unit grow and becoming stronger and get excited when they accomplish new goals

Sydney Overcast

Sydney Overcast



Ciera Peyton

Donna Slone-Crumbie

Donna Slone-Crumbie


Dana Sone

Before Mary Kay I had been a stay at home mom for 15 years. Before going back into the workforce as a Registered Dietitian.

What I love about Mary Kay is the positive environment, unlimited earning potential, flexibility, personal growth, but mostly being my own boss:)


Leeann Willis

The Lord opened the door to Mary Kay when I was a brand new mama and the Ministry Coordinator working to use the platform of camp ministry to reach youth with the Gospel and train college students for a life time of ministry!

I could write a book… The Lord has used Mary Kay to grow me more in this past year (since starting last September) than I’ve allowed Him to in a long time.  He did this in several ways but the main ways are the people and the mission of Mary Kay.  Mary Kay Ash’s vision was to create a place where women can work without sacrificing their values and encourage each other to success.  This is exactly what I found.  From the start, I’ve been surrounded by women who speak belief into me and point me to the Lord as my source of strength and life.  I have never been in the presence of so many women whose walk with the Lord I desire to imitate.  After seeing the amazing platform that MK provides for women to have a ministry and an income, along with the personal growth, I knew that this is where the Lord called me to be.