Senior Sales Directors


Chelsey Burling

Before Mary Kay, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting but was working as an Operations Manager for a home improvement company.

I love my Mary Kay business for the way I can openly share my love for Christ with my “co-workers” and customers. I also love having the flexibility to make my own schedule and that I get to be surrounded by such supportive, positive, and faith filled women.

seminar heather erbe

Heather Erbe

Before Mary Kay I was studying to become a Dentist at UK Dental School

I love my Mary Kay business because it allows me so much freedom in my life—freedom to live and work intimately with Christ, freedom to see God at work in my life so powerfully, freedom to mentor women in their walk with God in such a visible and tangible way.   I love Mary Kay because of the relationships I get to build with women, and the freedom to live and work in ways that honor God, and draw me closer to Him.


LeAnna Funk


bre holliday use

Bre Holliday


Amber Nichols

Before Mary Kay I worked in Corporate Marketing

I love that Mary Kay celebrates and encourages women to grow in a healthy positive environment.  It is an easy place to grow. I love MY Mary Kay business because I am the Boss and I get to enjoy the flexibility of that no matter what stage of life I am in as a woman.


Amanda Nieman

My profession before Mary Kay was a mixture – I finished my undergraduate degree in physics, but was working in the nonprofit sector in fundraising and events.  

What I love most about my Mary Kay business is the ability to design my day every day and helping women discover their dynamic selves.





Jenny Raley

Before Mary Kay I was a full time college student and working part-time in retail.

What I love most about Mary Kay is the incredible mentorship which creates a continuous opportunity for personal growth!


Caitlyn Underwood