Senior Sales Directors


Chelsey Burling

Before Mary Kay, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting but was working as an Operations Manager for a home improvement company.

I love my Mary Kay business for the way I can openly share my love for Christ with my “co-workers” and customers. I also love having the flexibility to make my own schedule and that I get to be surrounded by such supportive, positive, and faith filled women.


Samantha Ewing

melissa linton

Melissa Linton

Before Mary Kay I was Head Gymnastics Coach and Preschool Teacher

I love Mary Kay for the women I get to meet and do ‘life’ with. I love being surrounded by BIG thinkers and women who want something more in their life! There is no other opportunity out there like this, and I am just so thankful that God led my path to Mary Kay.


Amber Nichols

Before Mary Kay I worked in Corporate Marketing

I love that Mary Kay celebrates and encourages women to grow in a healthy positive environment.  It is an easy place to grow. I love MY Mary Kay business because I am the Boss and I get to enjoy the flexibility of that no matter what stage of life I am in as a woman.


Amanda Nieman

My profession before Mary Kay was a mixture – I finished my undergraduate degree in physics, but was working in the nonprofit sector in fundraising and events.  

What I love most about my Mary Kay business is the ability to design my day every day and helping women discover their dynamic selves.



Ciara Peyton


Jenny Raley

Before Mary Kay I was a full time college student and working part-time in retail.

What I love most about Mary Kay is the incredible mentorship which creates a continuous opportunity for personal growth!


Caitlyn Underwood