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Mary Kay Opportunity

Why Mary Kay? Sales Director, Amy Kemp's journey to success

Lisa Madson's Story

Kristen Christen – My Mary Kay Story

Retired her husband, no sales experience, loved products and positive culture

Leah Lauchlan – National Sales Director with Mary Kay

Newly married, compelling for dreams, opportunity is waiting, will you seize it, shy tomboy before MK

The Mary Kay Opportunity – Jamie Taylor

Young, skeptic, non-salesy, afraid of public speaking

Heidi Goelzer

Funny and educated, Heidi shares why Mary Kay is for every woman looking for a little extra income. As a mom and pastor’s wife, Heidi’s been in Mary Kay 21 years and has 3 family members on her team!

Jordan's Story – Discover Your Why –

Curious how Mary Kay can impact your life? The foundation to Jordan Twilley’s Mary Kay business success? Strong family values, a work ethic she learned on the farm, and starting each day with a clear mind and a full cup of coffee.

Stacy James Dream Company

Purpose/goal driven, for the sake of women, passion driven