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What To Bring

  • Mirror

  • Clear Tray

  • Tray Map Copy

  • Washcloth/disposable facial cloth

  • Pen

  • Profile Card

  • Miracle Set (cleanser, day solution, night solution)

  • Firming eye cream

  • Satin lip balm and mask

  • Foundation primer

  • Foundation

  • Disposable applicators

  • Mascara

  • Mascara Wand

  • Foundation Sponge (optional)

  • Color card or dash-out-the-door (cream eye color, lip gloss, bronzer, cheek cream)

  • Eye liners (optional)

  • Look Book—end (do not show it at the beginning because they will have a set sheet)

Meeting Etiquette

Please read ALL of this! I expect our record breaking, Million $$, National Area to abide by these standards! Be a “cut above” the rest!

At our meetings and events you must wear professional business attire always. As a consultant, please wear a skirt and a professional top – this is something that sets us apart from other companies. There is something about your confidence when you FEEL like you look sharp!

Please let your guests know how to dress – let them know that it is a business meeting and women will be dressed the part. You want to let her know because a woman’s biggest fear is showing up in the “wrong outfit” and feeling overdressed or underdressed.

ALWAYS SHOW UP at your weekly meeting no matter what your week was like. It is YOUR opportunity to gain education, motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm. You will be recognized for your achievements and you will be able to plug back into the “pink bubble.” Regular attendance at meetings and events is critical to your success. 97% of all car earners and successful DIQ’s attend their weekly event EVERY week, whether they feel like it or not. It’s DISCIPLINE.

Do not MOVE or BREATHE while I am telling my I-story at end of event – please no keys rattling, no texting, no whispering or talking to each other, nothing that could disturb the guests’ focus or attention.


Please no children! We love them, but all career-building functions (meetings and other Mary Kay events) are professional meetings, so please no children. Let your guests know that this is GIRLFRIEND’S NIGHT OUT so they can pamper themselves.

Please show up on time. If the meeting starts at 7:00 then 6:45 is on time and 7:00 is late! Be professional and respect others by showing up on time (15 minutes early) to meetings and events.