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Curious how Mary Kay can impact your life? The foundation to Jordan Twilley’s Mary Kay business success? Strong family values, a work ethic she learned on the farm, and starting each day with a clear mind and a full cup of coffee.

Funny and educated, Heidi shares why Mary Kay is for every woman looking for a little extra income. As a mom and pastor’s wife, Heidi’s been in Mary Kay 21 years and has 3 family members on her team.

Retired her husband, no sales experience, loved products and positive culture.

Amy Kemp — Started as small town/average girl, growth in confidence, mom, teacher, introvert, sports fan, not salesy, looking for more personally 

Newly married, compelling for dreams, opportunity is waiting, will you seize it, shy tomboy before MK


Young, skeptic, non-salesy, afraid of public speaking

Purpose/goal driven, for the sake of women, passion driven